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The K'iche People of Guatemala

Guatemala is widely considered the heart of the Maya civilization. It is home to one of the largest surviving Mayan groups - the K'iche' People. They follow centuries-old Pre-Columbian traditions in their religious practice, they combine elements of Christianity with ancient Mayan rituals. Textiles are among the most prominent examples of traditional Guatemalan culture.


Chichicastenango is a town located in the highlands of Guatemala. This is a town with over 90% indigenous K'iche' Maya population. They are known for their colorful textiles, pottery and weaving which has kept the native culture and craft alive. 

Santo Tomás Church

Local Mayan women selling flower petals on the footsteps of Santo Tomás Church. This is a historic site in Chichicastenango. The church was built, housing a staircase of 18 steps that represent the months of the Mayan calendar.


This is a place where ancient Mayan rituals are mixed with modern Christianity practices. 

The Poultry Market
at Chichicastenango 

The Chichicastenango Market is one of the biggest outdoor markets in Central America where a whole street section is dedicated to buying and selling chickens and roosters for traditional Mayan ceremonies as well as everyday consumption. 

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